being with a snake

A non-poisonous snake was found in our neighborhood which a snake handler came on request and caught it, to release it into the wild.

A little girl aged around 7 years loved the snake and requested if she can hold it for a while…

The snake handler showed the snake to us.

I wanted to pick up the snake. Except for some de-fanged motionless cobra long ago, this was the first time in my life. I was scared. Though the snake was a non-poisonous rat snake which doesn’t bother humans, it still seemed to be a bit aggressive initially, and I was careful to make sure I didn’t get bitten.

Seeing I was more or less harmless, the snake settled down and relaxed, and it felt like we were friends for a while, and I let it slip back into the bag.

The above photo was taken by the same little girl holding the bag, who could see that while we are careful of course, need not be afraid of a snake.

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