beyond the concrete jungle

On Kanakapura road, off Vajarahalli Road before the NICE road flyover, created by the efforts of the KFD and various supporters, there’s a mini jungle one can walk around. The Turahalli Tree Park is a lovely green space with a variety of trees to…

without direction

A few years ago in a workshop in the study center, I was given some wood and other materials and told to try something with it. I hadn’t tried carpentry before and had no idea what to do. I just started experimenting a bit,…

the calm after the storm

After some heavy rain, a forest looks radically fresh the next day. Nature showing us impermanence.

full moon

Was a lovely full moon in the night… super, considering its the last ‘super moon’ of 2020 – the closest that it comes to the Earth. Couple of attempts with a 16mb mobile camera.

confronting colorfully

These peacocks seem to be having quite a discussion, while confronting colorfully… (video taken from far away and the zoom misses clarity)