bird’s eye view of harohalli

Harohalli is a town on Kanakapura Road near Bengaluru, where we discussed and decided to go to this Saturday’s drive – the nearby hill called Chulakana Betta.

On the way, the sunrise though late at Kaggalipura Lake, was nevertheless quite enchanting.

haru means to fly in Kannada, and the name Harohalli literally means a flying village, though its no longer a village with its current industrial development. Its located on a plain area in Kanakapura road, and there’s a hill nearby, that just looks like a mound of stones piled up there by some playful giant in the middle of the plain. Well, maybe like an extinct volcano as well 😎

Looked utterly pointless to climb what looked like this boring pile of rubble from far.

A drongo sat at the entrance to the hill…

There’s a temple at the bottom of the hill from where a trail starts.

The start of the climb… there’s a lot more greenery when we see it closer.

As we start climbing, we can see a lot of water bodies around.

Different kinds of floura and there were a lot of birds…

The above caterpillar’s was just walking on the dried leaf…

Quite a steep climb, and nice balconies are welcome along the way to chill out.

The perspective of the view kept changing as we climbed.

There was an incredible variety of greenery.

The trail is quite narrow and can be challenging at times.

Can finally see the summit.

Its really relaxing on top, especially when the weather is favorable 🙂

Going down was more relaxing, given the more cloudy and cool weather.

Back at the cave temple, where we’d started.

A regular visitor of Harohalli later told us even people from the nearby town themselves don’t visit the place. Which is a good thing, as the place is quite pristine 🙂 …and yes, we left it as it that way.

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