invisible interconnections

They are invisible only as we take them for granted, but visible if we really look out for them. Since Darwin, we have generally thought of trees as striving, disconnected loners, competing for water, nutrients and sunlight, with the winners shading out the losers…

sloths in action

Going beyond the conventional meaning of being slothful – the slow movement of a sloth may well be a survival skill to avoid detection by predators. In this pretty cool clip from the BBC, legendary David Attenborough has a close encounter with a sloth,…

a child growing up

For a protective parent who’s seen the child since a baby, at some point we start finding it challenging to accept the son or daughter’s increasing independence. We still want to protect the child, and warn the child about how dangerous the world is….

walk after a rain shower

Water and light are a lovely combination, and flowers are fresher than ever đŸ™‚

a lake bed over time

This a tiny lake with maybe no name. Anyway in Bangalore, we just have to wish a lake by any other name, remains a lake! Around April while walking around southern part of Banashankari over a small dry lake bed, there were some sheep…

attempting sketching

Don’t bother if its nice or not… just in making an attempt – we learn so many details that we’d ignored otherwise. “A drawing is simply a line going for a walk” (Paul Klee) Don’t bother if its nice or not… just in making…

baya weaver nest’s funnel

Looked like the funnel is the final part of the nest after it gets approved. Yes, the funnel (or the entrance lobby!) is the finishing touch, after the nest has passed inspection. ~ Deepa Mohan

red and yellow flower

Looked like lantana but was actually different… Asclepias, Mexican Milkweedit’s called Arisina Kumkuma in Kannada, beautifully descriptive name!~ Deepa Mohan (naturalist, writer, photographer, birder, …….)

a tiny spider

Got a good site, next to a light, dinner is served, without much of a fight 😏 (Wonder which of those lines are the non-sticky lines the spider itself walks on without itself getting stuck!)