village walk

A few of us walking around the outskirts of the local village.

The vast expanses of green, gray or blue, or brown was refreshing.

Amidst all environmental concerns, the openness in the surroundings of any village gives a sense of hope!

We started with some quiet moments of mindfulness, and then started, just having an intention to observe big and small along the way.

We walked slowly and took in different details along the way. We passed a lake bank seeing the sunrise over it. Just the intention to be mindful reduced so much of noise in the mind, where in this quietness, we could observe our surroundings much better. We could see a few more details on the way, which we would’ve probably missed otherwise. The very same path had a lot more life than ever.

We had some ragi malt and snacks, and we could find them more satisfying, aware of the smell and flavor, and enjoy it in detail. We could also relate the ingredients of the ragi malt came from some soil, like where we were sitting right now. Ragi is one of the common millets grown around this area.

The huge jack-fruit tree we were sitting, with its wide-spread branches – simply invited us to climb it. So playing, engagement, creativity, opening up of our mind, all happen spontaneously when we’re in open nature.

Though checking any messages or notifications with our phones has become an involuntary habit these days, being in the open surroundings, we did not feel any necessity here.

It had been a really good beginning to the week.

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