kuth👀hala @ kalkunte village

Had the opportunity to conduct a Kutoohala (curiosity – with experiential science) workshop at Kalkunte Village…

Though these experiments were the same, and a repetition for me… they were new and very special for these children. And that enthusiasm and curiosity brings new life to those very same experiments!

There were 60+ children from two different schools, and two young volunteers to support me this time – special things about this work shop.

(Happy to take volunteers, and they too benefit a lot!)

The volunteers 9th grader and an 8th grader were really helpful! The children too appreciated their presence a lot. They have learnt these experiments and are happy to guide few more children and volunteers in more workshops.

The government school at Kalkunte has around 30 kids in all, including grade 1 to 7. As is the case with many government schools, here too there is a need for some volunteers. Its a beautiful opportunity for those who would love to share their knowledge with children – along with enjoying the beautiful nature and ancient temples in its neighborhood. This would be a particularly interesting opportunity for homeschoolers!

Along with the workshop the two organizers – sisters who’s parents lived in the town, also organised lunch for all the kids… Got to taste this famous Kalkunte puliyogare and pongal!

The government school and Ranganatha School, an aided school, are both supported by them. The schools are located next to a lake, which again this amazing people are rejuvenating…. Its their fathers village and they want to do something there…what an inspiring sense of commitment!

They are open to providing these children the best possible learning experiences…

They are also helping them develop a sense of awareness, responsibility and belonging towards the lake…

It would be great if anyone with expertise in birdwatching and lake ecology etc can support these children.

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