This is an ambitious project planned for government schools (a lot of them in the list!) in rural areas….

Some of the schools on the outskirts of Bengaluru who’ve benefitted so far, thanks to the cooperation of their principals and staff, are Ganigara Palya, Vajrahalli, Doddakallasandra, Somanahalli, Girigowdana Doddi and Chikke Gowdana Palya. Children and staff have shown very affectionate and welcoming responses 💖 🤗

What? 🤔

In my life’s journey as a student and teacher of science, I find a lot of fun learning with children, and tickling their curiosity about science and nature. As a result, another project is Kuthoohala (curiosity).

Childhood is something very special for every one of us. “How can we create some  happy memories for children as part of their learning?” has been at the back of my mind as an educator and a parent. And what about children in remote rural areas? I have been putting small efforts in reaching out to them and we together learnt a lot. This brings an immense joy. Kuthoohala is a project to share this joy to all those who share similar interests in children, nature and education.

Not an exam, but an experiment…


Science & Nature

ISPF is a non-profit trust focused on promoting Innovation and Science, especially amongst children. Their primary focus is creating experience-based opportunities where science can be learnt hands-on with interactive experiences that inspire innovation. Ever since I got to know about ISPF around 6 years ago, I have loved their work and got different opportunities to volunteer in different government schools.

The moment of truth…

I am deeply grateful to team ISPF for being so open minded and generously providing their support in every possible way, along with training and materials. I have been fortunate enough to collaborate with their committed efforts towards bringing a positive change in the education system. They made learning science more fun and experiential.

Nature is another area where I connect deeply. Apart from spending time with nature, I also see the necessity for the children to connect with their surroundings, and the need for them to go out into nature.

What will we see this morning…?

1 + 1 > 11

It has been very heartening to see many friends and neighbors volunteering together. Those not comfortable with science, have found their own areas like storytelling, teaching English, bird watching, etc.

Many more have found their happiness in contributing in various other ways, like sharing either used/new toys, or clothes, books, informational printed materials like eBird brochures, etc. with children.

Be a part of this journey

The science kits as well as facilitation need some sponsorship. This could be an opportunity where one can preferably be directly part of this journey together. Any individual donations towards science kits will go directly to ISPF, who will issue an 80G receipt.

A company sponsorship is also welcome, please get in touch with ISPF directly.

Where do we try out our Water Turbines 🤔 …? In this rain puddle !💡

Sponsor some science kits for government schools at INR 200 each using UPI

Of course, support in various other described means here are welcome as well! 🤗

Goals of the workshop

Experiential learning of science

Hands-on science is a whole lot more fun and engaging when coupled with the unique way of introducing concepts with real life examples. Children, through simple hands-on experiments, find joy in discovering science. The programme is mapped to the school curriculum, covering even difficult topics with hands-on activities and experiments.  

Connecting children with nature

The workshop facilitates children in finding their relationship with nature, by introducing them to their own surroundings through birds, plants and trees.

This was not really needed for our Indian system a while ago. Nowadays the rate at which modern society is growing at all levels, technology and materialism are consuming the human nature. The present day children, find either no time or no interest or opportunity, to be with nature. Its in childhood where we get a deeper connection, and learning is at its peak. It is really important that we put in some conscious effort to get our children back into nature.

In this workshop, a small effort is made in this direction. More collaboration and support is needed in this area and would be of great help.

More opportunities for the community

Volunteering to learn and support the program in-person

Kuthoohala needs more hands to successfully reach the children. Participation in any capacity of one’s comfort level is a welcome contribution. For example, supporting the facilitation, documentation, or any other way.

By taking up similar workshops in other schools to reach out to more children

One is welcome to be an observer in Kuthoohala to understand the feasibility of implementing it in any other schools.

It can help becoming an employment opportunity for the volunteers

ThinkTac is a company providing the same service for private institutions on a paid basis. One can look for opportunities there, or consider taking this learning to private schools. ThinkTac provides the necessary basic infrastructure to support this.

Possibility of involving graduate students as project work. 

As all these science experiments build one’s observation skills and understanding of the concept. This is a great opportunity for graduate science students for strengthening their basic scence concepts. And what better ways for them than to facilitate experiments for younger students. This could also meet the need of the government schools in giving quality education, and interacting and motivating the children.


There are many nature based hobbies which many are pursuing with a lot of dedication and having obtained an in-depth knowledge about the subject. These include birding, butterflies, insects, eco-systems, and many more fascinating areas. This workshop can be a platform for encouraging and motivating the younger generation while sharing their acquired knowledge and passion in the field they’re passionate about.

Project Timeline

Kuthoohala is planned as a half day workshop for 5th, 6th and 7th grade government school children, mainly in rural areas.

The goal is to reach out to 500 children in 10 government schools, by the 15th of February.

What is achieved in the workshop?


* 3 to 4 experiments will be demonstrated by the facilitator

* Two experiments will be done by the students

* One experiment kit for the students to take home, to discover and learn on their own


* Encouraging children through participative fun activities to start looking, with all their senses, at the natural wealth around them.

* Looking forward to more support in this area.

If you are connected with any specific school, and would like to organise it there… sure do get in touch 👍

Will make it memorable for the kids 🥳

With gratitude,

Vijetha S. Mysoremutt

To contribute, please connect with the team

ISPF number (call / whatsapp): 74839 45803

Donors can chat and communicate with us: info@ispf.ngo

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