Experiencing Nature

With a lot of good photographs even from mobile cameras, being forwarded over social media as well, we may at times fail to see that no matter how good these photos or videos are, these are actually second-hand experiences of nature.

No doubt its definitely nice to see them and appreciate them and a good start 🙂

But Nature Kids isn’t about seeking appreciation for our pictures, or appreciating pictures. its about encouraging one to spend time with nature directly. Whatever simple and little way possible, but experience it directly. We have entered a world knowingly or unknowingly where we’re living a false life, as false as the picture we see.

Its about actually going out there and experiencing nature.

In our busy lives, it may help to take a few moments to slow down to see it completely.

Cool water can be invigorating…

There’s a lot to learn from nature… like the grace in the landing of a butterfly…

Children find it enriching to spend time amidst greenery and trees. There is a lot of nature if we look around, even in the city or around the periphery.