Vijetha Sanjay Mysoremutt

People have found her effective in leading people into the outdoors, facilitating children and anyone young at heart to explore nature and discover it, and also learn from it.

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Quite a few people understand what it means to grow along with nature. In the present materialistic world, typical city dwellers especially those growing in apartment communities with limited exposure to open areas and greenery, along with excessive exposure to internet, are unknowingly giving rise to a different kind of society. Which is less tolerant, less forgiving and more greedy and selfish. Not realising the bigger impact we will make to the environment and humankind in the long run. It is very much necessary to wake up and bring our present generation back to nature.

The Last Child In The Woods ( Richard Louv ) brings many such examples, and these are clearly visible to us as they are happening in front of us.
These observations have made great impact on her, and she has been bringing up her own children with her best efforts in exposing them to nature. Along with them, she has also been taking her community children as well. Since the past five years, she has introduced more than a hundred children to the forest. And many adults including some elderly too have joined and enjoyed my forest walks.

In these walks, she has taken them around on various trails, and made them sit in silence for ten minutes during every walk. They are given enough freedom to explore nature around them. They are also encouraged to explore the limitations we have imposed on our physical body, and discover the possibilities with it, in terms of increased flexibility and better mind-body coordination.

There is a lot to learn observing these children not yet misled by society. How they observe and learn, how they find new and totally different solutions for any limitations they come across during a walk, and also how they naturally express and master their social skills by sharing and caring.

These unplanned adventures into nature also led to the organization of a few workshops for children. In order to connect with more children, she started volunteering in government schools and this also brought in a good number of committed volunteers who are helping in the government schools.

Apart from this, a few of her friends got together and started a group to work towards conserving a forest. They engaged in various activities like cleaning, plantation, and also watering for the birds during summer. They brought in a lot of awareness about importance of forest to the community, in which she played an important role.

She has been working free all these years getting rich experience and knowledge in return. During this journey, she looks forward to developing better communion with nature.