Why Nature Kids?

School, homework, office, work from home, cook, pack lunch, commute, TV, sleep… wakeup and repeat all over again. Today’s generation everyone seems to be lost in their daily routine – it at times may seem to be set like a mechanical computer program.

There seemed to be an invisible barrier, forests, parks, lakes… were just there – so what? We started looking at questions, to find the missing connect with nature.

What is really stopping us?

At some point we finally went beyond this barrier.

A whole new world…

It opened up a whole new world! The summer vacation became a fun filled vacation where kids who used to laze around in bed used to get out all by themselves and be ready by 6:30 in the morning.

Over time, one could clearly see how beyond routine play or exercise, nature strengthens the kids physically and mentally .

Knowledgable people helped us discover more about nature. Optimistic that more people will share their knowledge and enrich this space.

Some of the best things we may remember from our childhood are adventures we had with our friends. Best memories are with friends in nature. If its given that space to them that they can unwind and this is a space where there are no expectations out of them they can just discover. They learn to discover about nature and themselves.

Adults or elderly people who join these nature walks felt nostalgic about their own childhood, and its lovely to hear from them.

One can wonder about the kind of inquisitive curiosity we had in our childhood, how do we lose it over time