just another sunset

(Just a short video)

Just another heavenly painting in the sky… meeting the silence of the night 🙂

On some days the rays of light look quite radiant…

If you are directly in contact with nature; if you watch the movement of a bird on the wing, see the beauty of every movement of the sky, watch the shadows on the hills or the beauty on the face of another, do you think you will want to go to any museum to look at any picture?

J Krishnamurti

One special thing about Deepa is preserving her ability to question… she asked…

Going to a museum is good in a different way!

~ Deepa

Definitely a very valid point…

What I understood is that a museum is only an example in the context of the quote.

The emphasis is on our habit of looking for some forms of entertainment, ignoring what is already present around 😃

Like King Midas who loved Gold – and many of us do, why not… gold is pretty and monetarily valuable. He was able to touch anything and see it become gold… But when he touched his son who turned to gold… he realized the value of something beyond gold. Beyond the glitter of gold, there was the love for his son that he could relate to much more.

Seeing the simplicity in nature and how we can relate to her different forms, we can learn to look beyond the clutter. We can learn to listen to simple things around us that really matter, and are closer to our heart.

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