puppy rescue mission

[By Aanvi, 11 years]

I was going for cycling in the morning, and saw Appa petting Brownie (one of the dogs). And I saw, she was acting very stressed out, and happy to see us, at the same time. She started going near her puppies and started yelping again.

I went to check on them and I saw only two of them (out of three). I thought one of them was snuggled cozily somewhere else and sleeping, and I didn’t think much about it for some time.

But then I heard some puppy crying near the sofa, and I checked in case it had fallen down somewhere. But it was nowhere there. Then, suddenly the puppy’s calls started coming again, and Brownie went to the drain pipe and started looking in it, and started yelping again.

Then I went and looked in there, and there was the puppy in there!

I almost screamed, and went and called Appa and told him, and then Amma, and then Rajesh Uncle. They were not bothered about it at all. I made them eventually care about it, by continuously saying “it can’t, it can’t, it won’t survive, it won’t survive”. Then Rajesh Uncle thought – maybe we could help it with a vacuum cleaner.

While he was getting one, all the sofa factory people also started to come and gather around.One of them tried to use a stick to get it out. But then, it did not help with the stick, as it could either push it further into the water, or harm it. Then Rajesh Uncle arrived with a vacuum cleaner.

He used it to suck out the puppy a little bit, in such a way that I could easily put my hand in and pull it out, by its tail.

Its tail felt really cold, and for a moment I thought it was dead.

And then we got it… then once I got it out, I showed it to Brownie, and she squealed “Thank you thank you thank you”. And I immediately felt very very happy that we helped save somebody’s life.

Its puzzling how the pup could have gone there of all the claustrophobic places in the first place, but it seems it wanders around even with closed eyes in search of its mom. We were thinking of all kinds of solutions in getting it out, till some amazing out-of-box thinking of Rajesh, and concern and persistence shown by the little girl.

3 Comments on “puppy rescue mission

  1. Wow!! Truly wonderful!! And the way it’s written is also superbly crisp and suspenseful.

  2. Your act of kindness means the world for the mother dog. That was quick thinking from your end. Kudos to you and the entire team.

  3. Great Job Aanvi mari! Kudos to your Amma , Appa and Rajesh uncle 🙂

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