beyond the walls

Beyond the confined walls of any gated community, when families venture out after a long period of confinement, they can experience the joy of discovering together. Having experienced the rich nature in the Turahalli Forest, we miss our nature walks a lot, as the…

in the interest of landscaping

This was one of the plants a little too tall in the fence and was going to be trimmed by the gardeners. Reminded me of a science fiction novel, where the Earthlings suddenly find that the Earth is due for demolition for construction of…

flying to be free

As J Krishnamurti says, “It is only the truth that liberates, not your effort to be free“

freedom from the idiot box

That’s well known, but its SO irresistible… And in today’s world, it would be youtube and whatsapp and other social media. If we take a break, we can relearn to breathe…

dusk to night

A sky’s view perspective of the transition from dusk to night, seen on two evenings. Different clouds at different altitudes, may move around in different directions… at the same time.

beyond the concrete jungle

On Kanakapura road, off Vajarahalli Road before the NICE road flyover, created by the efforts of the KFD and various supporters, there’s a mini jungle one can walk around. The Turahalli Tree Park is a lovely green space with a variety of trees to…

the calm after the storm

After some heavy rain, a forest looks radically fresh the next day. Nature showing us impermanence.

full moon

Was a lovely full moon in the night… super, considering its the last ‘super moon’ of 2020 – the closest that it comes to the Earth. Couple of attempts with a 16mb mobile camera.

confronting colorfully

These peacocks seem to be having quite a discussion, while confronting colorfully… (video taken from far away and the zoom misses clarity)

no, not a snake…

This was an amazing sight… it looked like a snake at first sight, but then it was pretty strange… After a quick search based on a wild guess, it turned out to be larvae migrating, possibly some kind of a gnat larvae. But why…