beyond the walls

Beyond the confined walls of any gated community, when families venture out after a long period of confinement, they can experience the joy of discovering together.

Having experienced the rich nature in the Turahalli Forest, we miss our nature walks a lot, as the entry is officially closed by the Forest Department. But this has only made us explore other green areas in our neighborhood.

Three families enjoyed the nature walk together this weekend, each family taking responsibility required during these pandemic days.

Just a little effort to pull ourselves out of the house, and the rest of the magic is done by nature.

Everybody could feel a sense of freedom in the open fresh air, and immerse in the variety offered by nature, that simply cannot be substituted by any virtual world.

Children are as usual wonderful explorers. They’re candid companions who come up with true expressions on whether they don’t want to run because of rocks, or proudly displaying their cuts with a smile. Nature is a place where they get the space to express themselves in unlimited ways – whether its picking up a rock to add to their collection, appreciating a spider web, or experiencing the feel of cold water.

They use their will and abilities to get through challenges posed by nature big or small, in their own effortless natural flow.

As said, it was indeed a liberating experience for all of us.

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