beyond the walls

Beyond the confined walls of any gated community, when families venture out after a long period of confinement, they can experience the joy of discovering together. Having experienced the rich nature in the Turahalli Forest, we miss our nature walks a lot, as the…

dusk to night

A sky’s view perspective of the transition from dusk to night, seen on two evenings. Different clouds at different altitudes, may move around in different directions… at the same time.

full moon

Was a lovely full moon in the night… super, considering its the last ‘super moon’ of 2020 – the closest that it comes to the Earth. Couple of attempts with a 16mb mobile camera.

power in the sky

It was a stormy night… Revisiting a well known fact… By definition, lightning is a sudden electrostatic discharge during an electrical storm. This discharge allows charged regions in the atmosphere to temporarily equalize themselves, when they strike an object on the ground. Although lightning…