finding nature

Doing a session on Contemplation of Nature with FoundNature, we were to spend some time with any object of nature in the way the facilitator Ajay Rastogi described.

As a practitioner of some silence every day, it resonated with my practice 🙂 Authenticity is the common foundation it was really nice to learn from the way Ajay expressed his views on it

So just kept a potted plant that was at home and spent some time with it.

Some observations:

  • realized the plant has been there all these days but I have barely noticed it
  • there were so many details, the more I saw it
  • felt a sense of gratitude for imparting oxygen in the house
  • realized there was the scope for me to care for it better

Felt like sketching it out and came up with something.

Reminded me of the movie My Octopus Teacher

she (octopus) taught me was to feel that you’re part of the place, not a visitor

J Krishnamurti suggests

Be in communion with nature, not verbally caught in the description of it, but be a part of it, be aware, feel that you belong to all that, be able to have love for all that, to admire a deer, the lizard on the wall, that broken branch lying on the ground.

~ J Krishnamurti

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