shivagange and siddarabetta hills

Left to stay at the foothills of Shivagange Hills at Shivagange Foothills Stay for a camping trip arranged by BASCOOL.

It was a scenic drive…

On the way we passed this small hillock near Shivagange… the floating clouds touching the top were nice to watch but we had to go on to reach the homestay before it got dark.

We were to have a tent in the open spaces, but as it started raining relentlessly, BASCOOL could improvise and we found a place to pitch the tents in the dining area which was open but had a roof.

Pitching a tent is a fun activity for kids and really brings them together to work as a team.

The tent interior

Went for a walk outside… the homestay is next to a lovely lake… and after the rain its like utopia with misty hills and fresh greenery all around.

There were a wide variety of birds…. Digital zoom of a mobile doesn’t have much clarity so mostly just listened to or watched them, and clicked just once in a way.

Crops grown next to the lake bed.

The first single lonely patch of blue sky in the entire horizon… this picture doesn’t do much justice though.

Back to the home stay, we were to disperse, but the host Mr. Vishwanath showed us around. He was quite hospitable, and we had a nice conversations while he sharedd his fascinating knowledge of different topics.

Ayurvedic plants grown here…

Nandi statue

I believe I can touch the sky

Nice surroundings seen from the home stay estate…

We left in the morning after breakfast, and started on our way back.

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