Looking Around

While children’s ability to look around is still unpolluted by the interaction with electronic devices (which is often multi-tasked and at a high speed) they have a keen sense of observation.

Snail having a snack

(This snail was spotted by a child after 2 of us had passed it by)

The ideal way to eat they say is to drink solids and chew liquids, i.e. to eat so thoroughly and mindfully. This snail seems to be exemplifying that idea savoring this leaf.

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Those little black dots on its head are its eyes! They can’t see very well, as they can’t alter the focus of their eyes – i.e. switch between far and near. So they use their lower pair of retractable tentacles to smell their way around. That’s the reason they move so slowly, as they have to feel and move around. Perhaps better eyesight would have made them quicker as the retinal part of eyes, particularly the macula, is an extension of the brain itself.

(Thanks to information shared by Subu Ramanathan)

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