a baby bat

Seems to be wondering… 😉

umm… what does this say…?

echo location isn’t much help in reading…

is this thing bat-safe?

ok let me try it anyway…

Came across this tiny baby bat almost motionless but slowly moving around. Had it fallen out of the tree? Was it abandoned?

A naturalist friend Sheema shared…

[21/11/2021] Although bats give birth to big pups, they are considered altricial animals, which means that after their pups are born, they still require an incredible amount of care, development and learning until they are actually able to survive by themselves. This is not surprising as bats are very social animals that use complex systems of navigation and finding food requires a lot of learning and development.

Getting kicked out of the nest is an idiomatic way of describing one’s abrupt jump from their childhood abode and parental payroll into fledgling independence.

The team found that in the weeks leading up to the moment these furry flyers leave for good, their mothers start poking and prodding them to perhaps not-so-subtly hint that it’s time for the pups to hit the road.

Baby bats face a daunting enterprise no other living thing does: simultaneously weaning off their mother’s milk and fledging, or learning to fly. That’s a hefty dose of independence for one little bat.

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