invisible interconnections

They are invisible only as we take them for granted, but visible if we really look out for them. Since Darwin, we have generally thought of trees as striving, disconnected loners, competing for water, nutrients and sunlight, with the winners shading out the losers…

chiguru – morning 4-Mar

The spectacular coral tree has so many guests If you just can’t get enough of it, you can look at this video – better still find one in your neighborhood and spend some time with it.

radio discussion on forest

Lively in-depth discussion (Kannada) on the Turahalli Forest @SiridaniP ಸಿರಿದನಿ SIRIdani – broadcast channel addresses education, culture, social issues & youth – in depth discussion with experts.

chiguru – one month

Chiguru – an initiative from Cleanup Turahalli – has completed one month today. Chiguru – a germinating shoot, and typically prominent in Mango trees during the spring season, is an interactive program with neighboring children that brings them closer to nature. More than the…

beyond the walls

Beyond the confined walls of any gated community, when families venture out after a long period of confinement, they can experience the joy of discovering together. Having experienced the rich nature in the Turahalli Forest, we miss our nature walks a lot, as the…

beyond the concrete jungle

On Kanakapura road, off Vajarahalli Road before the NICE road flyover, created by the efforts of the KFD and various supporters, there’s a mini jungle one can walk around. The Turahalli Tree Park is a lovely green space with a variety of trees to…

the calm after the storm

After some heavy rain, a forest looks radically fresh the next day. Nature showing us impermanence.

confronting colorfully

These peacocks seem to be having quite a discussion, while confronting colorfully… (video taken from far away and the zoom misses clarity)

no, not a snake…

This was an amazing sight… it looked like a snake at first sight, but then it was pretty strange… After a quick search based on a wild guess, it turned out to be larvae migrating, possibly some kind of a gnat larvae. But why…

Nature Walk – Turahalli Forest

This forest walk had participants of all ages.