nature in the city

This quote encourages us to question:

What Is Our Relationship With Nature?

See for the first time that tree, bush or blade of grass.

We see a tree so many times, to the point that we just tend to take it for granted…. Is it possible at all to see it again with a fresh perspective… 🤔

Apart from a garden, we may often associate nature with going out to a park or even out of the city, but there’s a lot of nature even within the city.

Can you have a feeling for a tree, look at it, see the beauty of it, listen to the sound it makes? Can you be sensitive to the little plant, a little weed, to that creeper growing up the wall, to the light on the leaves and the many shadows? One must be aware of all this and have that sense of communion with nature around you. You may live in a town, but you do have trees here and there. A flower in the next garden may be ill-kept, crowded with weeds, but look at it, feel that you are part of all that, part of all living things.

~ J Krishnamurti

Even if it makes sense to some extent, how can anyone see beauty in a weed – an unwanted plant!!

This BBC video shows them in a different light…

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