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We typically see rice paddy fields flooded with water most of the time as part of the commonly prevalent agricultural practice. So rice farmers are typically heavily dependent on the availability of water – and rainfall of that year for their yield.

Suyatri, in association with Good Earth and Petrichor(organic store) introduced us to a more sustainable alternative to this which they have been following in their farm – in an event they had organized – Rice Rhapsody

Water is a precious resource…

This patch of paddy ready to be planted around…. waiting for us…😊

Flooding rice paddies suppresses weed growth, but it also uses enormous quantities of water and increases methane emissions when plant matter decomposes in flooded fields.

After a delicious breakfast, we collected together for an intro.

They introduced us to the alternative they were using – SRI – system of rice intensification – where the farmer could use far lesser water and gain a better yield as well. They narrated this fascinating story of how this method originated in Madagascar, an island country off the coast of Africa.

A brief information session by Stalin, and Dr. Manjunath …agricultural practices to global warming… Mainly encouraging the children to be part of these engagements…

We quickly went into action…

And as we experienced it we learnt more of the intricacies and effort that goes into it…

Its only by doing we understand much more…!!

Putting in focused effort…

…the actual effort can never be be understood without experiencing it! 😐 This collective effort has so much value in it….
( Soon we may hand over these beautiful experiences to some machines 😐 )

Never ignore the fun factors around…. these are the ones which will connect them back!

After a few hours, feeling refreshed at the end of the adventure, with wholesome memories to cherish as we prepared to leave…

Other colors of the morning as we walked through the farm!

Thanks to all the organizers for the wonderful opportunity, delicious food, and meaningful return gifts (reusable bag, black rice, jaggery and vegetable seeds). Thank you to all the participants for making this such a lovely event!

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