Somewhere out there… is the Chandrayaan-3 Rover

Seems like yesterday, the take off from Bangalore… but has been a long journey…


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Watched the amazing historic moment with the local community on a big screen…

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Tense and unforgettable moments of togetherness…

Hearty Congrats ISRO!! 😍 🌛 This is beyond India, for the whole of humanity as one family 🤗

There are some pictures floating around on social media, eg this one. At first glance I thought it was an actual photo taken by one of the cameras, but of course though its a lovely pic, purely in the interest of science, which is the foundation of ISRO, there’s one question that came to mind… would a flag flutter on the moon?

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( Not a real photo )

I had forgotten actually… and re-learnt it with a net search…

The Moon doesn’t have a significant atmosphere like Earth, it does not experience weather, like wind or atmospheric temperature or precipitation like rain and snow.

~ ISRO (twitter)
First photo of Rover coming out of the ramp…

Will be printing the Ashoka Emblem of 4 Lions, and the ISRO logo in its tracks. These tracks will stay for a while… since there isn’t much wind on the moon!

(Forwarded representation – not actual photo)

Looking forward to further learnings from ISRO! !

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