sloths in action

Going beyond the conventional meaning of being slothful – the slow movement of a sloth may well be a survival skill to avoid detection by predators.

In this pretty cool clip from the BBC, legendary David Attenborough has a close encounter with a sloth, and talks about its adaptation to the lack of nutrition in its diet of leaves by hanging around not doing very much at all.

On a lighter note, sloths are also featured in a scene in the movie Zootopia ( a beautiful movie by Disney that can be be enjoyed at any age along with children )

Perhaps far from being lazy, sloths are masters of effortless effort as Deepak Chopra puts it.

The law of least effort is based on the idea that nature’s intelligence functions with effortless spontaneity.

Practically speaking, for us it means harnessing the forces of the universe and becoming aligned with them with our everyday actions and intentions. As we move more in alignment with this universal energy, we find that life begins to unfold more easily, synchronicities occur, and we can begin to live in a state of joyful, inspired action, and effortless manifestation with infinite potential.

Deeapk Chopra

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