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I recall seeing this aged lady with a backpack in the Delhi airport lounge. We happened to chat and she said she was backpacking around solo in India for 6 months, and she does that every year in some or the other country. I asked her her profession… and didn’t expect such a simple, down to earth response: she worked as a school teacher in Germany.

I saw a lot of backpacking when I was in Germany, and when I returned to India later on, found that there was no dearth of such possibilities here as well.

Just book/board a sleeper train or bus and wake up in a new city the next morning, explore it, and return at the end of the day or weekend. Kids enjoy it as well. It needn’t necessarily be an elaborately planned visit as well.

One key aspect is that it needn’t be a ‘vacation’ at some expensive resort… overnight stays are possible in budget friendly homestays, and one can see (not depend on) reviews to get an idea of food quality, cleanliness, etc.

Depending on logistics, people who can work remotely, kids taking classes online, can extend it for some more time to make it a ‘workation’. Work during office hours, and walk along the beach or along a river bank on an evening, or hike up a hill in the morning. A weekend is a good time to go visit some places and spend some time with nature… either with friends, or a group, or even solo. A day’s leave could make it a 3 day weekend.

Just some possibilities…

Of course, these could be done in the neighborhood in an urban area as well…

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