studies in cave tourism

[@Bristol, UK]

Frank, a male Nurse – and one of the caving experts, shared how hes been caving for many years now.

He spoke of some stalactites and stalagmites and some other fantastic ice formations hes seen underground. He often does surveying, exploring new unknown caves and drawing out a map of them.

He also spoke about his friend who did a PhD in Cave Tourism (?!!) and was given a funding for 1 1/2 year research in America. And instead of the US, that friend went to China – and the same amount goes a lot longer way there – and has been exploring some fantastic caves there for many years.

Asked if he had ever gone far enough to have to camp there, he said he’d once slept there while waiting for a friend, but not stayed overnight. He spoke about another time when he was trapped, when he and his friend had to use a rope to go down a vertical 200 meter slope to a coulron shaped cave below. Then he reached the other end of the cave the team there had pulled out the rope, then they came running back, and the team here had pulled out the rope and gone back too, thinking he had gone the other way. So they had to just stay there, helpless, waiting for someone to figure out that they were missing and come back. It took all of 12 hours.

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