Naturewalk @ Tree Park, Turahalli

After the main Turahalli Forest is closed for public, we took this opportunity to explore the Tree Park opposite to it.

water lines
ups and downs
other visitors
what a vast surprise
picture is only a small rectangle of the vast view in real
just the beginning – will look much better during and after the rains

Kudos to the Karnataka Forest Dept (KFD) who took a great initiative in rejuvenating this park planting thousands (looks like an exaggeration, but yeah, thousands of new saplings. They welcome any friends free who can volunteer to help water it. A water tanker usually comes in the evening till regular rains.

There will be plenty of space walking, trekking, exercise, etc, including a separate walk path for senior citizens. A toilet also is planned to be constructed.

3D walk
morning pearls
a moth trying to fly
a child makes a bed and pillow in case the moth wants to sleep 🙂
finding the right balance
any obstacle can be overcome with a friend
open space to run…
better confidence

spot the cuckoos

You can browse through the pics here: Tree Park Exploration Pictures

Some colors along the way…

Entrance Location: on Vajarahalli Road, take a left just before the Turahalli Forest entrance.

One Comment on “Naturewalk @ Tree Park, Turahalli

  1. Great job by KFD staff.
    We as volunteers participated in watering saplings.
    The tree park is giving a very positive feeling. Especially with variety of plants being selectively planted.

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