a moon rise

The moon can be a pretty amazing sight.

The idea that the lunar cycle can influence people’s behaviour dates back thousands of years, but has been largely dismissed by modern medicine. But new research suggests there may be some truth to these ancient theories.

Another possibility is that patients are responding to the Moon’s gravitational pull in the same way the oceans do: through tidal forces

A common argument against this is that, although humans are up to 75% water, they possess far smaller quantities of it than an ocean.


Sometimes the moon is named a supermoon…

Many parts of the world witnessed a brighter Moon this week, which also marked the beginning of the spring season. The Worm Moon – a rather unusual name – began shining brighter from Wednesday evening and will continue to spread its light till Saturday morning.

The March Moon is being called a Supermoon as it appears much larger and brighter than a regular full moon. This happens because of the “Moon illusion”, according to CNN which quotes from the Farmer’s Almanac.

The phenomenon occurs when the Moon is near the horizon and our eyes compare its size to trees, buildings or other objects.


Anyway on an ordinary day basis, a friend noted that while we often appreciate a sunset or sunrise, there’s a lot to see in the moon as well.

One of the best things after sun rise and sun set, it is the moon rise and setting which I’ve visualised multiple times especially during the full moons. Not many people are aware, the full moon setting is as spectacular as the sunset, many a times it occurs at 3-4am at the West horizon.

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